Accommodation at Hotel Löwen is a luxurious and refined affair; each room features fine linens and furnishings providing the best in hotel accommodation. All beds are equipped with lavish linens complimented by pillows and duvets.

Each room features its pretty windows fitted with mellow relaxing colors and curtains with beautiful and serene views and wood furnishings.

The hotel has a total of 109 rooms and suites all featuring LCD televisions , from live updates to news to entertainment movies and TV series you can enjoy them all, Coffee and center tables, beautiful wood finished walls with pretty lamp shades adds to the ambiance, and a separate bathroom. With good facilities and comfortable room temperatures have been maintained with build in heaters.

Each room features a phone, a wardrobe and a hairdryer. Lovingly selected products can be found in the bathroom.


"Each Room is Equipped With A Flat-Screen TV With Satellite Channels AND Each Room is Fitted With A Private Bathroom."